Optimum design of tapered slot antenna profile

By Mark Zuckerberg

achieved. The designed antenna can be design frequency from 2 to 6.5GHz. This antenna is showing good impedance matching performance at a frequency of 3.5GHz. The proposed antenna is giving high electric field of 64. Low reflection losses are -24 and gain of antenna is7.95db. The proposed antenna is low-profile and uses low-cost FR-4 substrate.

TSAs utilize a tapered slot in the metalization on a thin dielectric substrate, to radiate in the "end-fire"The optimum thickness is considerably greater than the typical membrane thickness in the work ofDesign and analysis of a hybrid feed antenna for a flux-flow oscillator... Low Side Lobe Tapered Slot Antenna with High Gain Using… A broadband gradient refractive index (GRIN) metamaterial is used to improve the gain of the tapered slot antenna. The proposed metamaterial is capableThe radiation pattern of the antenna shows the beam width becomes narrow and directive with low side lobe level. The peak gain is increased by 2.1... An Ultra-Small UWB Antenna for GPR Subsurface Here, first the new method for the design of slot-line tapers for Vivaldi antenna is given. The impedance of stepped quarter-wave Chebychev transformer isthe exponential taper rate. In other words, this transformer is used to find the optimum points of the slot-line profile to have less reflection.

The antenna design is consisted of monopole antenna located at the center of circular aluminum ground. The monopole antenna is surrounded by a cylindrical shell of conducting plasma.

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AbstractIn this paper, the tapered slot antenna (TSA) with corrugation is proposed for UWB applications. The multi-section binomial transformer is used to design taper profile of the proposed TSA that does not involve using time consuming optimization. A step-by-step procedure for synthesis of the step impedance values related with step slot widths of taper profile is presented. Design and Performance Enhancement of Vivaldi Antenna The Vivaldi antenna is a special ind of tapered slot antenna (TSA), having an exponentially tapered slot profile. It is first recognized by Gibson in 1979 [1-3]. It is useful for wide-band applications [4]. This research focused mainly on miniature antennas with a low losses and high gain. The aim of this research

This letter presents a new printed slot antenna with cavity back for WLAN Access Points (Base Stations) providing wideband operation bandwidth at least from 2.5 to 4.8 GHz. The design is based upon an ultrawideband antenna configuration modified with

Design of a Compact Tapered Slot Vivaldi Antenna Array for See Through Concrete Wall UWB Applications Yazhou Wang, Aly E. Fathy EECS Department, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA ywang34@utk.edu Abstract An optimized 1×8 Vivaldi antenna array designed for the lower-band UWB (2-4 GHz) through-wall imaging systems has been developed. Stripline Fed Tapered Slot Antenna - atmsindia.org A tapered slot antenna uses a flared slot line etched on a dielectric substrate to produce an end-fire pattern from a surface wave. In this paper the development of a strip line fed tapered slot antenna has been presented. Relevant simulation and measurement results are also given. II. DESIGN OF THE ANTENNA Design of Wideband Vivaldi Antenna Array | SpringerLink Oraizi, H., Jam, S.: Optimum design of tapered slot antenna profile. IEEE Transaction on Antennas and Propagation 51(8), 1987–1995 (2003) CrossRef Google Scholar 7. CHAPTER 2 DESIGN AND MODELING OF EXPONENTIALLY TAPERED ...