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In fact, the slot receiver designation is becoming less important, as many of the league’s top pass catchers now regularly line up on the inside, too.Just ask new Texans slot corner Aaron Colvin, who got beat by Niners slot receiver Trent Taylor for a touchdown in last week’s preseason matchup.

What is the average NFL wide receiver height - answers.com An NFL receiver can be anywhere from 5' 5" like Trindon Holliday with the Denver Broncos to 6'6" like Plaxico Burress who played for the Giants. Most receivers are in the 6' to 6' 3" range. Average Height of Defensive Backs and Wide Receivers 6 days ago · When we look at the average height for defensive backs throughout post-merger history, and compare them to wide receivers, we see an interesting story. Just like with wide receivers, defensive backs got shorter during the ’80s, likely as teams began using more slot receivers … Whats the average size for a slot receiver? | Yahoo Answers Feb 16, 2010 · Most slot receivers are under 6' and weigh anywhere from 180-190 lbs. You have to at least be 5-5 but if you are shorter than you must be able to jump higher. Normally you just need to be able to jump 3 ft but if you are shorter than you have to jump 4 feet. 5'4", 235 lb. More on Average Wide Receiver Height: Analyzing Draft History

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Jamison Crowder leads Top-10 slot receiver ... - NFL.com His production the last two years doesn't justify that price tag, but his 3.36 average yards of separation at target indicates he can still be a solid piece of any offense as a slot receiver.

The NFL averages are a 3 year average for all players with at least 25% slot targets as reported by Pro Football Focus. Out of the group Amendola lined up in the slot an incredible 82.9% of the time. The league average for slot players with at least 25% of snaps in the slot was around 55% so he has almost no use anywhere else on the field.

He attended Booker T. Washington High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Kevin Curtis - Wikipedia

More on Average Wide Receiver Height: Analyzing Draft History

His 69.6% catch rate, 9.1 yards per target and touchdown every 9.6 catches were all exceptional. He also played alongside 2 other NFL wide receivers, and was clearly the best receiver on his team.